5-port Fast USB Charger

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One for all – Reduce the number of chargers
If you’ re going away you will need to pack only 1 box and 5 cables, rather than 5 original chargers.

Charge 65% Faster
Save Up to 40% Charging Time TP-LINK Smart Charging technology that identifies the connected devices and delivers the possible max output, together with 5V/2.4A ultra fast charging speed, UP525 and UP540 can charge 65% faster and save up to 40% charging time. Fully charging iPhone 6s Plus takes 2.4 hours with TP-LINK Smart Charging, while 4.2 hours with an original Apple charger.

5 Flexible Output Ports
Powered by TP-LINK Smart Charging technology, all outputs ports of UP525 and UP540 can intelligently adjust the charging power subject to the connected devices. These flexible output ports are designed to be capable of delivering full speed charging power for devices with a large battery like tablets, and also capable of delivering and minimal charging power for gadgets with a tiny battery like smart wearable devices.

Comprehensive Protection
The UP525 adopted the latest safety features provide large double air-cooled fin and high-quality IC to protect your devices against over-voltage, over current, over-heating, short circuit, power overload, electrostatic discharge and power surge.

* * Exact charging time may vary subject to actual situation Optimization for all devices The compatibility is as high as original charger, which is also compatible with smart devices running iOS, Android, Windows and most other USB-charged devices, from devices with large battery like tablets, to gadgets with tiny battery like smart wearable devices.




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